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Support Staff

Specialized Programs and Support Staff

Specialized Programs

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Nicole Pedregon , 2-5 Specialized Class

Ashley Gonzalez, Aide

Connie Melgar 


Additional Aide: TBD


Crystal Flores (teacher)  and Adela Delgado (Aide), Resource Special Education-split


Ms Sarah Guzman, Student Support Counselor on Special Assignment


Anne Valdovinos, Psychologist


Mariela Garcia, Speech and Language Therapist


Diane Hernandez, Interventionist


Veronica Miranda, VAPA Specialist


Mayra Ortiz, Tutor


Camera Shy Support Staff

  • Mrs. Mirtala, Day Custodian
  • Mr. Michael, Night Custodian
  • Mrs. April, Site Supervision Aide
  • Mrs. Stacie, Site Supervision Aide