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How to prepare for SBAC Skills

Skill Activities Website
Mouse Skills Students will practice their mouse clicking skills such as speed, accuracy, and accessing links. Mouse Skills
Keyboarding Students will utilize programs for proper typing positions (i.e. home keys, number pad) Dance Mat
Navigation Students will demonstrate skills to maneuver within websites by viewing videos and accessing toolbars.  Study Jams
Drag and Drop Students will be able to select an object and place it within a different location. Thinking Blocks


Go Math/Common Core Math

Are you having questions teaching your child math? 

Here are some great mini lessons to view.


Concept: Break Apart (subtraction) 

Concept: Break Apart Part 2

Concept: Regrouping

Math Channel 2-3

Math Channel 3-5

Edsource Information Regarding Common Core Math

Common Core Language Arts

The California State Standards are now the California Common Core Standards. 


What does it mean at Los Altos Elementary? 

  • Full Implementation in Grades K-5
  • Curricular/Units integrating all subject matter

ELL and Common Core

Parent Meeting October Common Core @ Los Altos

Common Core Handouts Conferences (Eng   Span)

Top Common Core Website for Parents

Common Core Organizers

Web Links for Learning