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Los Altos Elementary Enrollment 2021 and Beyond


Thank you for considering Los Altos Elementary as your child’s education provider.  We are excited that you are interested in being part of our family.  As our school program has evolved, so are our enrollment procedures for the 2021 school year.  Los Altos Elementary does enroll throughout the year for students. However, students in our Dual Immersion program can only register at the start of Kindergarten.     


Dual Immersion Kindergarten

All Parents must attend an informational meeting in order to receive a registration packet in December. Dates 2019: 9/13  10/11  11/8  12/13  2020: 1/10 2/14  3/13  4/16  5/4.  All meetings are set at 8:30 a.m. and last one hour.  Parents must attend testing session with students to secure spot if chosen for the program.


A wait list will be pulled for any additional students not chosen for the class. Priority on wait list given to English Language Learners (Spanish speakers) and siblings of students attending Los Altos Elementary Dual Immersion.



Enrollment Packet Pick-Up Starting: December 3 @ 9 a.m.

Enrollment Drop-off Packet Day: DI Current Sibling January 9-11@ 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

New DI Family Students Drop-Off Packet Day:  January 15 @ 8:45 a.m.


Traditional Kindergarten

All Parents should attend one informational meetings.  Dates 2019: 8/16  9/13  10/11  11/8  12/13  2020: 1/10 2/14  3/13  4/16  5/4.  All meetings are set at 8:30 a.m. and last one hour.  Meetings also include classroom visits.  



Kinder Round-up for non Dual immersion students will occur January 29 at 8:45 a.m.

Packets can be picked up for non Dual Immersion students starting January 8th


Are you looking for a placement for a student currently in HLPUSD? 

Our student enrollment is at capacity. We are currently not accepting Choice or Intras for open enrollment.  However, we do have a wait list option for parents interested in Dual Immersion based on eligibility requirements (Must currently be in a Dual Immersion Program or a native Spanish Speaker). DI late enrollment after kindergarten is based on academic and language fluency skills and assessments.


Are you a parent of a toddler or preschool student look for 2020 and beyond?

Parents of students not eligible to enroll for the 2019 school year are welcomed to attend an information day listed.  Most families visit a year or two prior to enrolling at Los Altos Elementary.


Can I get a 1-on-1 tour or special day?

We would love to accommodate your needs. However, our interest is always what is best for our students.  Classroom disruptions including tours of parents do take away from our teachers and therefore our student’s learning.  Our principal can contact you to answer questions or talk to you at before and after-school too! However instruction is first.  Special tours and one-on-one school tours cannot be accommodated.


Principal: Rosalie Sinapi (626) 933-2302

Los Altos Enrollment 2019 and Beyond

Many families come early to visit our campus. Visits are welcomed and so our kids. It's never too early to start looking at schools!


You can contact Ms. Sinapi, for any questions!


Go Tigers!!!