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Our students are recognized for their behavior daily for being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe! Don't forget to turn in your Tiger Tokens to your teachers for great prizes. 

Please click here for our expectation chart.  


Student Sage Making
Student Sage Making

Our Programs

Extending our learning

Los Altos Elementary is currently working on expanding our visual and performing arts for all students, in all programs.  In the 2015 school year, we implemented a Global Learning Art program.  Students in all grade levels received three units of study focusing on Tradition: Chinese New Year, Cartoons: Anime and Disney Art, and Native American Art: Focus on Meso-American Culture. 

The program was developed after our Dual Immersion plan and training that focuses on providing students a Global Theme and units of art instruction.  With the addition of Deep Learning and TELA, we have been working on integrating Art and Global learning across the curriculum.  Please be patient as we develop and work on our long term goal to be a global learning school. 


Tutoring supports will continue for eligible students. In addition to paid vendors, we do have limited programs for student participation including the following:


  • Tiger Crew, our version of link and leadership, will continue with students being recruited every Spring to lead the school.  Mrs. Smith will be our coordinator. 
  • LEGO Junior and FLL Robotics
  • Drama
  • Folklorico
  • Garden Club
  • Yearbook
Tutoring-Class Support
Tutor Shantel Lopez


Our advisory councils have worked with our staff to develop, research, and seek out innovative ways for our struggling students to grow. This includes providing intervention for students struggling in academics and socially.  If you have any questions regarding our programs, please ask your child's teacher.  We are here to make sure your child is successful.

MTSS Newsletter 

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Currently, we implement Second Steps Curriculum with our students services for social groups.  Our SST COSA, Sarah Guzman, also supports and oversees our behavior, attendance, and student motivational programs.  Our students in our academic interventions work one-on-one or in small groups in class with Coach Mayra. Students needing additional support work with Ms. Diane Hernandez four days a week after-school and one-on-one or in groups of two during the school day. Currently, Ms. Hernandez is using iStation.  We invite parents to visit our lab after-school Tuesday-Thursday to see our LCAP money at work.