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VAPA - We teacher visual and performing arts through the lens of teaching English learners through Language and Arts (TELA). 


TELA (Teaching English Learners through Art) began in the Summer of 2018.  Our staff, students, and parents are participating in a five year program and study to develop art and literacy skills while integrating social emotional learning. 

Please visit the LACOE TELA website for more information and parent resources.  

Sample of student work.


Five years of building

Over five years, our school participated in a Federally funded program to bring art training and experiences to our school.  From visual to performing arts, our students and family saw tremendous growth as a school.  Although the grant is done, we will continue to strive to bring arts to our students through an integrated approach.  We will also be focusing in grades 4 and 5 on dance as weekly engagement with Conga Kids and art experiences through 24th Street Theater. 

Dance is an important part of our school. For more research on the importance of Dance, please visit here. Also to engage in dance and the effects it can have on you, please visit the Dance Psychologist