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Volunteering On-Site

Parent Advisory Volunteers


Thank you for being an integral part in your child’s education.  Parent volunteers are a key part to our success as a school.  We do have guidelines for our parent volunteer. Please read and review the rules and procedures. 

  • All new Los Altos Elementary volunteers must attend a parent volunteer meeting.
  • Application: Volunteer applicants must re-apply every year. In addition, you must keep your TB test active including making sure you are cleared every 3 to 4 years (depending on date of test and application).
  • Regular volunteers should have an ID (see office if you need one) and sign in using the machine or white volunteer sheets (one per volunteer to track your volunteering).    
  • As a volunteer, you are here for all students, not just yours. Please remember that showing favorites or causing disruptions for your child can cause issues and possibly result in your removal as a volunteer. 
  • Illness: We ask if you are contagious (fever, stomach issues, cough, etc, within 24 hours) that you do not volunteer.  
  • Children On-site: Volunteers in areas with students cannot have other children in their care.  If you do want to assist, we can sometimes accommodate an area including the cafeteria or non-student area for you to work on items for your child’s teacher.
  • Pre-selected Days: Volunteering is allowed based on pre-approved days. If your child’s teacher does not need your assistance for the day, we can always use you in the office or in another classroom. 
  • Confidential Information: As a volunteer, you may hear or see things that are confidential. Please do not share this information with parents including student discipline, academic, or health issues.  If you are found to violate this, your status can be revoked. 
  • Complaint/Concerns: If you have concerns about the classroom, teachers, staff, etc., please talk to your child’s teacher to resolve the concern.  If you are still not able to resolve your concern, please see Ms. Sinapi.
  • Mandated Reporters: As a volunteer, you are also considered a mandated reporter for suspected child abuse.  If you suspect something, you should alert your teacher and report.  DCFS Hotline: (800) 540-4000.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Sinapi, Ms. Cid, or your child’s classroom teacher.

*Parents wishing to volunteer must be cleared through the district including a Valid COVID 19 Vaccination card, recent TB test, and   fingerprints through our district Live Scan process.  Financial support for fingerprinting is available for eligible parents.

Updated August 2021