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Coding for Kids

Four Free Apps to Teach your kids coding

Daisy the Dinosaur (free) - This app is best suited for early childhood students or for a very basic intro for older students. The goal of the app is to make Daisy the Dino perform tasks.Hopscotch (free) - Created by the same developer as Daisy the Dino, this app takes coding/programming a step further. This is an open platform for kids in which they use coding skills to manipulate the characters they choose. Cargo-Bot (free) - This is a game-based app that teaches coding as kids progress through challenges in the game. Tynker (free) - This is another game-based app that teaches kids the basics of coding as they complete the game's challenges. Tynker actually has three different games within the app: Puppy Adventure, Lost in Space and Sketch Racer. 

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